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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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2001 Hayward, B. W.; Brook, F. J. K-Ar ages of early Miocene arc-type volcanoes in northern New Zealand
1979 Hayward, B. W.; Buzas, M. A. Taxonomy and paleoecology of Early Miocene benthic foraminifera of northern New Zealand and the north Tasman Sea
1999 Hayward, B. W.; Grenfell, H. R.; Scott, D. B. Tidal range of marsh foraminifera for determining former sea-level heights in New Zealand
1992 Hayward, B. W.; Smale, D. Heavy minerals and the provenance history of Waitemata Basin sediments (early Miocene, Northland, New Zealand)
1995 Hayward, B. W.; Stilwell, J. D. Floating cockle shells (Austrovenus stutchburyi): their significance to paleoenvironmental assessments
1996 Healy, T.; Imminga, D.; Mathew, J.; Nicholl, S.; Hume, T.M. Mangawhai - Pakiri sand study. Module 2 : Technical report marine sands
1975 Heath, R. A. Stability of some New Zealand coastal inlets.
1976 Heath, R. A. A broad classification of New Zealand coastal inlets with particular emphasis on their residence times
1996 Heather, Barrie D.; Robertson, Hugh A. The field guide to the birds of New Zealand
1979 Heming, R F Natural bridges in basalt lavas, Northland, NZ
1980 Heming, R. F. Petrology of Ti Point Group, Northland, New Zealand
2004 Herd, Louisa Tapora's water system top of the table
1994 Herzer, R. H.; Isaac, M. J. Beyond Taranaki: is the next Maui field west of Northland?
2005 Hewitt, J. E.; Funnell, G. A.; Auckland Regional Council.,; National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (N.Z.), Benthic marine habitats and communities of the southern Kaipara View publication
2006 Hewitt, J. E.; Morrison, M; Spigel, R.; Turner, S Oyster Farming in the Kaipara Harbour Proposed Aquaculture Management Area D. Ecological Assessment. Prepared for Biomarine Ltd. NIWA Client Report: HAM2006-118
2005 Hewitt, J.E.; Funnell, G.A. Benthic marine habitats and communities of the southern Kaipara
1989 Hickey, C.W.; Rutherford, J.C.; Hoare, R.A. Kaipara and Kaukapakapa residual flow investigations
1972 Hickman, R. W.; New Zealand. Fisheries Research Division, Survey of potential mussel farming areas around the North Island
1996 Hicks, D M; Hume, T M Morphology and size of ebb tidal deltas at natural inlets on open-sea and pocket bay coasts, North Island, New Zealand.
1999 Hicks, D. M. Measurements of profile change and cross-shore sand flux over the shoreface at Mangawhai Beach, North Island, New Zealand
2002 Hicks, D. M.; Green, M. O.; Smith, R. K.; Swales, A.; Ovenden, R.; Walsh, J. Sand volume change and cross-shore sand transfer, Mangawhai beach, New Zealand
1991 Hicks, D. M.; Hume, T. M. Sand storage at New Zealand's tidal inlets
1992 Hicks, D. M.; Hume, T. M. Sand trapping in ebb tidal deltas at New Zealand's inlets
2001 Hicks, D. Murray; Mason, Craig Suspended sediment monitoring in the Waipoua catchment : interim report
1997 Hicks, Darryl Murray; Green, Malcolm Omand The 'fall-speed parameter' as an index of cross-shore sand transport: verification from measurements on the surface
1982 Hilton, M. J. Post-glacial coastal deposition: South Kaipara Peninsula
Hilton, M; Macauley, U; Henderson, R Inventory of New Zealand's active dunelands
1998 Hindle, Lynne People together: Otamatea Eco-Village, Kaiwaka
1995 Hintz, F Botanical Society Trip Kaukapakapa Scientific Reserve.
Hitchmough, R; Bull, L; Cromarty, P New Zealand Threat Classification System Lists 2005
1867 Hochstetter, F von New Zealand
1864 Hochstetter, F von; Petermann, A The geology of New Zealand: in explanation of the geographical and topographical atlas of New Zealand. From the scientific publications of the Novara Expedition. Translated by C F Fischer.
1968 Hodgson, W. A. The diagenesis of spherulitic carbonate concretions and other rocks from Mangakahia Group sediments, Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand
1892 Hogben, G Notes on teh earthquake of the 24th of June 1891.
1973 Hoggins, F E; Brooks, R R Natural distribution of mercury from Puhipuhi, Northland, New Zealand.
1948 Hohneck, Rudolf Waipoua kauri forest
2002 Holland, W Ecological importance of Dune Lakes in Northland. Prepared by Wendy Holland, Department of Conservation.
2011 Holland, W Natura areas of Tokatoka Ecological District. Reconnaissance survey report for the Protected Natural Areas Program. Published by the Department of Conservation, Northland Conservancy. View publication
Hon Dr Nick Smith, Press Release: New Zealand Government: ETS agreement enables progress on climate change. Hon Dr Nick Smith, Minister for Climate Change Issues View publication
1998 Hooker, S; Redfearn, P Preliminary survey of toheroa (Paphies ventriocosa) populations on Ninety Mile Beach and possible impacts of vehicle traffic. NIWA Client Report AK98042.
1988 Hore, A J Grey Mullet. View pdf
1999 Horn, P. L.; Hanchet, S. M.; Stevenson, M. L.; Kendrick, T. H.; Paul, L. J. Catch history, CPUE analysis, and stock assessment of John dory (Zeus faber) around the North Island (Fishstocks JDO 1 and JDO 2)
2003 Horn, P.L. CPUE from commercial fisheries for ling (Genypterus blacodes) around the North Island, New Zealand: an evaluation of series for LIN 1, LIN 2, and Cook Strait
2006 Horn, P.L. CPUE from commercial fisheries for ling (Genypterus blacodes) in Fishstocks LIN 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 from 1990 to 2004
2005 Horsley, R Capturing and classifying the coastal vegetation of the southern Kaipara Harbour.
1966 Horsman, J Kaukapakapa West's Bush, September.
1935 Hounsell, W K Hydrographic observations in Auckland Harbour.
2006 Howarth, S Investigating how kauri occupies the landscape: development of a GIS-based predictive spatial model
1959 Hudson, F. P. Petrels over the North Auckland mainland.
1960 Hudson, F. P. Lesser Frigate-bird in Kaipara
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found