What is Matauranga Maori?


A modern term for the knowledge, comprehension, or understanding of everything visible and invisible existing in the universe.  Arising from the experiences of Māori living in the environment of Aotearoa.  


Mātauranga Māori is passed down by tupuna (ancestors), tohunga (experts in a skill or art), kaumatua, and others and adopts intergenerational continuity. Drawing upon knowledge of tupuna, it allows for integration of knowledge within the present to be passed on to future generations.


Mātauranga provides the basis for kaitiakitanga which is the practice of guardianship and protection of the mauri of land and water.  It is a way of managing the environment, and involves traditional Māori world views surrounding cultural, spiritual, social and economic systems built on mana whenua (Māori who have historic and territorial rights over the land).