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WANTED - Report Tagged School Sharks

Can you help Massey University PhD student Alex Burton with his research into the population dynamics, preferred habitat, and movements of school sharks from around New Zealand, especially within Kaipara Harbour area.

Also known as Tope sharks, this species can be found throughout NZ in sheltered harbours, along the coastline, and out past the continental shelf. School sharks range in size from 30cm up to 180cm and are easily identified by their translucent snout and body colouration i.e. greyish above and white underneath.

Recreational anglers and volunteers around the country have been fitting green serial numbered tags to released individuals. If you catch one of these tagged fish, please record the following and release it again (if possible), as it will help gather further information on their growth and movements:

  1. Tag serial number

  2. Date caught

  3. Overall length (nose to tip of tail)

  4. Catch location (with GPS coordinates if possible)

  5. Depth of water

  6. And of course any interesting observations you make! You can upload photo's of the shark on the online form below.

Once recorded, please fill out the recapture form, with these details, online at:


Alternatively, you can email the details to tindaleresearch@xtra.co.nz

For more information or if you wish to join the program please visit www.tindaleresearch.org.nz or phone 027 476 0687

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