IKHMG Supports these long-term objectives


To protect and restore the Mauri of the Kaipara


To restore sustainable use of fish and invertebrate stocks 

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To increase understanding of climate change impacts


To protect and restore the Mauri of the Kaipara

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To promote socio-economic opportunities

Northland Field Days

Integrated co-management of Kaipara ecosystems, catchment & harbour


The Integrated Kaipara Harbour Management Group (IKHMG) was formalised in 2005 as a construct under the Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust's environmental arm, Environs Holdings Ltd.   Our key purpose is to promote integrated management and inter-agency coordination and kaitiakitanga of the Kaipara Harbour and her catchment.

IKHMG is guided by a set of four principles:

  • Kaitiakitanga

  • Integrated Ecosystem-Based Management

  • Manaakitanga / Respect

  • Co-management

Our approach is shaped and grounded with Ngāti Whātua tikanga and values.  The IKHMG approach values and incorporates Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) and Western science.  The concept of Whakapapa (genealogy/origins) is at the core of our thinking and our mahi.  A Whakapapa approach ensures that we are guided by the wisdom of our Tupuna (ancestors), and are required, as Kaitiaki of the present, to leave our mokopuna with a healthy and improved environment to inherit.  


- Through collaboration and partnerships

Through the manaakitanga of Te Uri o Hau, IKHMG began as a partnership between the local and territorial authorities of the Kaipara Moana, Crown agencies, hapū/iwi, community groups, research institutions, industry sectors and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). 


These groups and agencies committed to share research, resources, initiatives and commitment to fulfil a shared vision of creating a 'healthy and productive Kaipara Harbour’.   A ten-year strategy was developed; a research programme initiated, a field programme was set up centred on flagship farm exemplars of land and resource best practice.  Quarterly hui, seminars and conferences were held to share information, ideas and enthusiasm.  We maintain a presence at field days, rural events throughout the Kaipara catchment and nationally. 


As the mana of IKHMG grew, it drew more people to its events: community groups, marae and mana whenua, individual landowners, fishers, interested locals and a growing number of industry and agriculture sectors. IKHMG representation is requested at most water quality and land management initiatives within the Kaipara catchment. It promoted a deep local concern about the health and value of the Harbour.