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The IKHMG is a collaborative partnership initiative and restoring the health of the Kaipara Harbour starts with you.  Humanity forms a dominant part of the Kaipara ecosystem.  Around 170,000 people reside in the Kaipara Harbour catchment and it will take the action of all of us to help ensure a future for the World of Kaipara.

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What Can You Do....?


Help the Kaipara in your Backyard & Farm

What we do in our backyard, life-style block or on our farms can directly or indirectly stress the Kaipara Harbour.  Runoff from pesticides, waste, and fertilisers collectively have an impact on our local streams, creeks and rivers and ultimately the harbour. 







Planting trees can have many benefits for the Kaipara, including:


  • Reducing soil erosion and controlling run-off from your backyard and farm
  • Providing benefical habitat for birdlife and insects, shade and shelter for stock
  • Enhances biodiverity values
  • Can increase land values including amenity and recreation values
  • Enhances cultural values - Rongo Māori, Pa Harakeke, tikanga Māori
  • Provides opportunities for sustainable production/income e.g. manuka honey or totara treelots
  • Conserve water on farms

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