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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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2002 Green, M.O.; MacDonald, I.T.; Liefting, R.C. Kaipara Sand Study Component 3A (Subtidal and Intertidal Subenvironments). Sand transport in the entrance to Kaipara harbour
1994 Green, Michael Robert The Holocene palaeolimnology and developmental history of Lake Taharoa (Kawhia), North Island, New Zealand
2007b Greenpeace, New Zealand Govt’s emissions trading scheme falls short: Climate and taxpayers pay for big business to pollute View publication
2007a Greenpeace, New Zealand The NZ Emissions Trading Scheme View publication
1969 Greenway, J P C Population surveys of toheroa (Mollusca: Fulamellibranchiata) on Northland beaches, 1962-67
1972 Greenway, J P C Further data from population surveys of toheroa on Northland beaches 1962-71
1974 Greenway, J P C Population surveys of toheroa on Northland beaches 1972-75.
1975 Greenway, J P C Seasonal condition of rock oysters, Crassostrea glomerata in North Auckland
1975 Greenway, John Peter C. The effect of a limited open season for toheroa on Dargaville beach 1974
2009 Guardians Establishment Committee, Restoring and protecting the health and wellbeing of the Waikato River. Vision and Strategy for the Waikato River.
1947 H J Finlay The foraminiferal evidence for Tertiary Trans-Tasman correlation.
1924 H J Finlay; F H McDowall Preliminary note on teh Clifden Beds.
1947 H J Finlay; J Marwick New Zealand Tertiary.
1965 H S Gibb The soils of Northland - their potential and their limitations.
1924 H T Ferrar The geology of the Rodney Subdivision.
2004 Haggitt, T.; Mead, S. Northland aquaculture management area (AMA) study. Literature review of: Environmental impacts of aquaculture and biological information within proposed Northland Aquaculture Management Areas. A report for Northland Regional Council.
2008 Haggitt, T; Mead, S; Bellingham, M Review of environmental information on the Kaipara Harbour marine environment. Prepared for Auckland Regional Council by ASR Ltd and Coastal & Aquatic Systems Ltd.
1996 Hamer, P Chapter 7. The Native Land Court at Kaipara, 1865-73.
2000 Hanchet, S. M.; Coburn, R. P.; Field, K. D.; Horn, P. L.; Ó'Maolagáin, C; Paul, L. J.; Stevenson, M. L. Assessment of red gurnard (Chelidonichthys kumu) stocks GUR 1 and GUR 2
2003 Handley, S; Jeffs, A Assessment of future expansion of Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) farming in Northland. NIWA Client report for Aquaculture Development Group.
1991 Hanson, Judith Ann Mylonitic fabric in Tangihua volcanics: Camp Bay, Northland
1928 Harding, E. Prehistoric drains on the Kaipara, west coast
2004 Harding, J S; Moseley, P; Pearson, C; Sorrell, B Freshwaters of New Zealand.
2000 Harding, J S; Quinn, J M; Hickey, C W Effects of mining and production forestry on stream invertebrates.
1997 Harmsworth, G Maori values and GIS. The New Zealand Experience.
1999 Harmsworth, G Coordinated monitoring of New Zealand wetlands. Building Iwi Partnerships. Landcare Research Contract Report LC 9899/085. April 1999. Prepared for UNEP/GRID Christchurch and Ministry for the Environment, Wellington.
2002a Harmsworth, G Coordinated monitoring of New Zealand wetlands. Phase Two. Goal Two. Maori environmental performance indicators for wetland condition and trend. A Ministry for the Environment SMF Funded Project No. 5105.
2002b Harmsworth, G Indigenous concepts, values and knowledge for sustainable development: New Zealand case studies. Paper presented at the 7th Joint Conference Preservation of Ancient Cultural and the Globalization Scenario. India, 22-24 November, 2002. University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.
2005 Harmsworth, G Good practice guidelines for working with tangata whenua and Māori organisations: Consolidating our learning. Prepared for Integrated Catchment Management Program, Motueka. Funded by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST), March 2005. 56pp. View pdf
2006 Harmsworth, G; Tipa, G Maori environmental monitoring in New Zealand: progress, concepts and future direction. Report for Landcare Research ICM web site.
2010 Harmsworth, G; Walker, D Cultural River Health. ICM AGM Nelson, April 2010 View publication
1972 Harnett, I. K. A preliminary report on the prehistory of the North Kaipara Head, New Zealand
1970 Harrison, M Kiwi distribution.
2008 Hartill, B Estimating recreational harvests.
2004 Hartill, B. Characterisation of the commercial flatfish, grey mullet, and rig fisheries in the Kaipara Harbour View publication
Hartill, B.; Walsh, C. Characterisation of the kahawai fisheries of New Zealand and review of biological knowledge
1998 Hartill, B; Blackwell, R; Bradford, E Estimation of mean fish weights from the recreational catch landed at boat ramps in 1996.
2005 Hartill, B; Cadenhead, H; Tasker, R; Middleton, C; Fisher, D Monitoring the length and age composition of recreational landings of kahawai in KAH1 in 2000-2001, 2001-02 and 2002-03. Final Research Report for Ministry of Fisheries Research Project KAH2000/1: Objective 1.
1949 Hatch, E D The New Zealand forms of Pterostylis R. Br.
1963 Hatch, E D The Waipoua orchid - eight years later.
1964 Hatch, E D An orchidaceous trip to Glorit.
1978 Hatton, C. ; Donovan, W. F. ; Thomson, M. ; Tonkin Muir Energy Group,; North Auckland Electric Power Board,; Bioresearches Ltd, The ecological implications of the Kaihu hydro electric scheme
2001 Hawkins, Stuart A fish bone sample from Mangawhai sandspit and inferred prehistoric fishing practices
2004 Hay, B; Grant, C Marine resources in Tai Tokerau
1976 Hayward, B Lower miocene geology and sedimentary history of the Muriwai-Te Waharoa coastline, North Auckland, New Zealand.
1979 Hayward, B Ancient undersea volcanoes: a guide to the geological formations at Muriwai, West Auckland. Geological Society of NZ Guidebook No.3.
1976 Hayward, B. W. Spirula (Sepiodea: Cephalopoda) from the Lower Miocene of Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand: note
1979 Hayward, B. W. Eruptive history of the Early to Mid Miocene Waitakere volcanic arc, and paleogeography of the Waitemata Basin, northern New Zealand
1979 Hayward, B. W. Interpretation of geophysical anomalies off west Northland: comment
1979 Hayward, B. W. Day field trip to Waitakere Ranges. Tours 7A, 7B
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found