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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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2006 Department of Conservation, Northland marine library: Te Whanau a Tangaroa: resources for marine planning and conservation.
Department of Conservation, Conservation Management Strategy. Northland Conservancy. 1999-2009. Volume One.
1992 Department of Conservation, An overview of the conservation character of the Kaipara region
1995 Department of Conservation, Draft conservation management strategy for Taitokerau Northland
Department of Conservation,; Auckland Conservancy, Briefing notes for Lockwood Smith M.P. Kaipara Electorate.
2007 Department of Conservation,; Ministry of Fisheries, Hector's and Maui's Dolphin Threat Management Plan. Draft for public consultation.
Department of Lands and Survey, Register of Protected Natural Areas in New Zealand.
1979 Department of Lands and Survey, Hobson County: coastal reserve investigation
1983 Department of Lands and Survey, Otamatea County. Coastal Reserves Investigation.
2006 DHI Water & Environment, Determination of water levels in Kaipara Karbour. Kaipara Harbour Hydrodynamic Modelling.
1970 Donovan, W F THe bionomics of Bosmina in a sand dune lake. Unpublished MSc Thesis.
1976 Douglas, G.; Nugent, T. D. Report on site survey: South Head, Kaipara, February 1976
2006 Dowding, J. E.; Moore, S. J. Habitat networks of indigenous shorebirds in New Zealand
1975 DSIR Marine and Freshwater Science New Zealand Oceanographic Institute, Provisional bibliography of Kaipara Harbour
1975 DSIR, Letter to Otamatea County Council concerning information on bathymetry, hydrology, geology, soils, vegetation, wildlife and resources of Kaipara Harbour
1978 Duder, J. N. ; Tonkin Muir Energy Group,; North Auckland Electric Power Board, Kaihu hydro-electric scheme: review of multiple use potential
2006 Dunn, A.; Ballara, S.L.; Phillios, N.L. Stock assessment of hake (Merluccius australis) in HAK 1 & 4 for the 2004–54 fishing year
2001 Dunn, A.; Hurst, R. J.; Phillips, N. L. Stock assessment of northern gemfish (Rexea solandri) in SKI 1 and SKI 2 for the 2001-02 fishing year
1987 Dunn, M. J. Taharoa domain recreation reserve approved management plan: Hobson County Council
2005 Dunn, M.R. CPUE analysis and assessment of the Mid-East Coast orange roughy stock in ORH 1,2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, and 7B to the end of the 2002–03 fishing year
2005 Dunn, M.R.; Anderson, O.F.; McKenzie, A. Descriptive analysis of catch and effort data from New Zealand orange roughy fisheries in ORH 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, and 7B to the end of the 2002–03 fishing year
1997? Dunn, Max Kaipara District Council Mangawhai planning study public consultation phase: report on matters raised in letters from interested parties
1998 Dunn, Max; Boffa Miskell,; Kaipara District (N.Z.). District Council, Kaipara District Council Kaipara Harbour fringes planning study
1997 Dunn, Max; Reyburn and Bryant,; Duffill Watts & King,; Boffa Miskell,; Kaipara District (N.Z.). District Council, Kaipara District Council Mangawhai planning study
1998 Durie, M Te mana, te kāwanatanga: the politics of Māori self-determination.
2001 Durie, M.H. Mauri Ora: The dynamics of Maori health.
2008 Dymond, J; Shepherd, J; Page, M Workshop notes on erosion models for Regional Councils.
1997 E Cameron; B Hayward; G Murdock A Field Guide to Auckland. Exploring the Region's Natural and Historic Heritage.
1958 E D Burt; P A Neyland Properties of some foundry sands found in the Auckland area.
1843 E Dieffenbach Travels in New Zealand, with contributions to the geography, geology, botany and natural history of that country. Vol 1. View publication
1837 E G Wakefield; J Ward The British colonisation of New Zealand; being an account of the princples, objects, and plans of the New Zealand Association.
1873 E J Tinne The Wonderland of teh Antipodes, and Other Sketches of Travel in the North Island of New Zealand.
1848 E J Wakefield The handbook for New Zealand: consisting of the most recent information, compiled for the use of intending colonists, by a late magistrate of the colony.
1955 E J Wakefield Adventure in New Zealand. An abridged edition.
1978 E V Sale Quest for the Kauri: forest giants and where to find them.
1987 Eadie, Fiona M.; Burns, Bruce; Leathwick, J. R. Ecological survey of Waipoua Forest Sanctuary and Kauri Management areas: including notes on browsing mammals and bird distribution
2006, Marine turbine prop[o]sed for Kaipara Harbor View publication
1991 Eason, C. T.; Batcheler, D.; Wright, G. R. G. Environmental impact assessments on 1080 associated with possum control in the Waipoua Forest Sanctuary, Northland
2008 EcoClimate, Costs and Benefits of Climate Change and Adaptation to Climate Change in New Zealand Agriculture: What do we know so far? Prepared for The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 24 April 2008. View pdf
1966 Edgar, A T Welcome swallows in New Zealand, 1958-1965
1974 Edgar, A T Welcome Swallow: a success story.
1969 Edgar, A T; Grant, P Nankeen kestrels in New Zealand.
1969 Edgar, A T; McKenzie, H R; Sibson, R. B. Arctic waders in northern New Zealand summer 1968-69.
1978 Edgar, A. T. Australian pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus) in Kaipara Harbour
1966 Edgar, E The male flowers of Hydatella inconspicua (Cheesem.) Cheesem. (Centrolepidaceae).
1924 Edwards, W. N. Cretaceous plants from Kaipara, New Zealand
2007 EECA, New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy: Making it Happen
1993 English, Philip Kaipara under stress
1988 Enright, N. J.; Anderson, M. J. Recent evolution of the Mangawhai Spit dunefield
2010 Environmental Communications Ltd Integrated Catchment Management. A review of literature and practice. View pdf
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found