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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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1955 G A Eiby The seismicity of Auckland city and Northland.
2005 G Barnes; N Burns Water quality of selected lakes in the Auckland Region (1992-2005). ARC Technical Report 268 (TP268).
2006 G Farly; R Clough Kumeu River Flood Protection, Kumeu, Rodney District: Archaeological Assessment (Draft)
1939 G Graham Mahuhu. The ancestral canoe of Ngati Whatua (Kaipara).
1977 G J Cox Utilisation of New Zealand mangrove swamps by birds.
1969 G Law Review of sites excavated in the northern North Island, New Zealand.
1995 G Park Nga Uruora. The Groves of Life.
1996 G R Harmsworth Land Use Capability Classification of the Northland Region. Landcare Research Science Series, Manaaki Whenua Press, Lincoln.
1975 Garrick, J A F; Paul, L J Skates, rays and elephant fish.
1978 Gibb, J. G. Rates of coastal erosion and accretion in New Zealand
2004 Gibbs, M Relating terrigenous sediment deposition in Mahurangi Harbour to specific landuse in the catchment: a pilot study.
2012 Gibbs, M., Olsen, G., Swales, A., and Shaoneng (River), He Kaipara Harbour Sediment Tracing. Sediment dispersion across the harbour. Prepared for the Integrated Kaipara Harbour Management Group. January 2012. View pdf
2006 Gibbs, M.; Spigel, R. Lake Ototoa: a limnological assessment of recent condition and trends
2005 Gibbs, M; Hatton, S; Gillespie, P; Forrest, B A desktop assessment of potential and cumulative effects on the plankton, benthos, and water column of the proposed Aquaculture Management Areas in the south Kaipara Harbour. Cawthron Report No. 980.
2004 Gibbs, M; Hewitt, J. E. Effects of Sedimentation on macrofaunal communities: a synthesis of research studies for ARC. Prepared for ARC. NIWA Client Report HAM2004-060. Technical Publication No. 264
2000 Gibbs, S Distribution, habitat use and survival of immature North Island brown kiwi (Apteryx australia mantelli) at Trounson Kauri Park.
2001 Gibbs, S. Our largest harbour bird habitat in the Kaipara Harbour needs special protection
2001 Gibbs, Sarah; Pyle, Eric The Kaipara: a place to protect
1992 Gibbs, Shona ; Mullooly Glenys Waipoua Forest on-site visitor survey, 1990-1991 and a review of visitor flows and numbers through the forest
1982 Gibson, A R; Healy, W B New Zealand Forest Service/ Soil Bureau program of evaluation of NZFS permanent plots: soil profiles & chemical data.
2008 Giles, H; Vopel, K Baseline monitoring of Aquaculture Management Area D in the south Kaipara Harbour. Prepared for BioMarine Ltd. NIWA Client Report HAM2008-021, March 2008.
1997 Gill, B. J. Records of turtles and sea snakes in New Zealand, 1837-1996
1937 Glanville, E B Grassing of consoidated sand areas, Northern Wairoa, North Auckland.
1967 Gleeson, N. M.; Jenkins, J. A. F.; Sibson, R. B. Hudsonian Godwit in Kaipara
1985 Goddard, A. R. Preliminary investigation into the water resources of the South Mangawhai area
1987 Godinot, A. Intrusion of Miocene dikes into wet tephra, Kaipara Harbour, Northland, New Zealand
1978 Goffin, R. B. Unusual flock of Fairy Terns
2007b Golder Kingett Mitchell Limited, Recreational Usage Survey of the Kumeu/Kaipara and Kaukapakapa Rivers. Prepared by Golder and Kingett Mitchell Ltd for Rodney District Council
2007c Golder Kingett Mitchell Limited, State of the Environment of Rivers and Streams in the Rodney District Council. Prepared by Golder Kingett Mitchell on behalf of Rodney District Council
2007a Golder Kingett Mitchell Ltd, Rodney Power Station. Kaukapakapa River Estuary Environment and Effects of Power Station Discharge. Prepared on behalf of Genesis Power Ltd.
2012 Goldwater, N., Graham, P., Holland, W., Beadel, S., Martin, T., and Myers, S. Natural Areas of Rodney Ecological District (Northland). Reconnaissance survey report for the Protected Natural Area Program View pdf
2009 Goldwater, N; Beadel, S; Martin, T Natural areas of Tangihua Ecological District. Reconnaissance survey report for the Protected Natural Areas Programme. Report prepared by Wildlands Consultants Ltd for Department of Conservation
1999 Goodwin, Myles A study of Pinus radiata understorey and its relationship to adjacent natural forest at Waipoua and Kaihu, Northland, New Zealand
2000 Gordon, D. P. First fossil occurrence of the austral bryozoan family Urceoliporidae
2006 Gordon, D. P.; Ramalho, L. V.; Taylor, P. D. An unreported invasive bryozoan that can affect livelihoods: Membraniporopsis tubigera in New Zealand and Brazil
2003 Gorman, R. M.; Bryan, K.; Laing, A. K. Wave hindcast for the New Zealand region: nearshore validation and coastal wave climate
1990 Grace, Roger Kaipara Harbour sand extraction: alternative site investigations by Roger Grace for Mt Rex Shipping Company Limited
1995 Grace, Roger Kaipara Harbour sand extraction. Fitzgerald Bank site investigation. Report for Winstone Aggregates Ltd and Mt Rex Shipping Ltd. November 1995.
1996 Grace, Roger Kaipara Harbour sand extraction. Biological monitoring program for proposed extraction at Fitzgerald Bank. For Winstone Aggregates Ltd and Mt Rex Shipping Ltd. NOvember 1996
2000 Grace, Roger Kaipara Harbour Sand Extraction. Fitzgerald Bank biological monitoring. Report to Winstone Aggregates Ltd and Mt Rex Shipping Ltd. August 2000.
2004 Grace, Roger Kaipara Harbour Sand Extraction. Fitzgerald Bank biological monitoring. Report to Winstone Aggregates Ltd and Mt Rex Shipping Ltd. August 2004.
1991 Grace, Roger V. Kaipara Water Transport Ltd's sand extraction site: biological investigations
1991 Grace, Roger; Mt Rex Shipping Ltd, Biological investigation of Pouto sand extraction site, Kaipara Harbour
1965 Grant-Mackie, J. A. New invertebrates from the Lower Miocene Pakurangi Beds, Kaipara Harbour, with a redescription of the gastropod Clifdenia Laws.
2004 Grave, R V Kaipara Harbour Sand Extraction. Fitzgerald Bank Biological Monitoring. Report prepared for Winstone Aggregates Ltd & Mt Rex Shipping Ltd. View pdf
2004 Gray, Murray Geodiversity: valuing and conserving abiotic nature.
2007 Green MPs, What you can do about climate change
1976 Green, JD Plankton of Lake Ototoa, a sand-lake in northern New Zealand.
1999 Green, M.
2004 Green, M.; Collins, R. Sensitivity of predictions of contaminant accumulation in the Upper Waitemata Harbour to variations in Rangitopuni subcatchment sediment loads, and a comparison of urban and soil contaminant sources
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found