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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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2007 C E Lovelock; I C Feller; J Ellis; A S; N Hancock; P Nichols; B Sorrell Mangrove growth in New Zealand estuaries: the role of nutrient enrichment at sites with contrasting rates of sedimentation
1993 C Mitchell Fish surveys of Northland.
1876 C O B Davies The life and times of Patuone, the celebrated Nga puhi chief.
1953 C S West A history of Helensville and Kaipara.
1991 C W Hickey; J M Quinn; D S Roper; G B McBride Macrophyte Studies
1972 C W N Ingram New Zealand Shipwrecks 1795-1970
Cabinet Policy Committee, A New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Key Messages and Strategic Issues
1983 Cadman, S. C. Kaipara River catchment study: piezometric survey 24th –26th August
1982 Cairns, Mary The transport of forest products by barge on the Kaipara Harbour: a case study of Pouto Peninsula
1990 Cameron, E. K.; Beard, C. M. Moturemu Island-Kaipara Harbour
2002 Cameron, E. K; Bellingham, P. J. Vascular flora of the fringes of Waionui Inlet, Kaipara South head
2007 Campbell P Kauri Cameraman Tudor Washington Collins 1898 1970 Limited Edition
1985 Carlin, G Wildlife and Wildlife Values of Rodney County. Unpublished Report.
2003 Carnachan, Hamish A paradise conspiracy?
1969 Carroll, A L K The pukeko (Porphyrio melanotus) in New Zealand.
1970 Carroll, A L K The white-faced heron in New Zealand
1967 Carter, L. Geology of Puketotara Peninsula, Kaipara, Northland
1971 Carter, L. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Waitemata Group, Puketotara Peninsula, Northland
1955 Cassie, R M Population studies on the toheroa, Amphidesma ventricosum Gray (Eulamellibranchiata)
1986 CC Tanner; J S Clayton; L M Harper Observations on aquatic macrophytes in 26 northern New Zealand lakes.
2006 Census of Marine Life, Consortium for Oceographic Research and Education Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management - Approaches for researching the roles of marine and coastal biodiversity in maintaining ecosystem services
2004 Chadderton, W L; Brown, D J; Stephens, R T Identifying freshwater ecosystems of national importance for biodiversity: critieria, methods and candidate list of nationally important rivers. Discussion Document. Department of Conservation, Wellington
1985 Chamberlin, S.; Dowding, J. Fairy Terns at Tapora, Kaipara Harbour
2005 Champion, P D; de Winton, M D Recommendations for management of Auckland Region's freshwater pests.
2008 Champion, P; Townsend, A Ecological Evaluation of Manganui River Government Purpose (Wildlife Management) Reserve, Northland. Prepared for Northland Regional Council. NIWA Client Report HAM2008-196. October 2008.
1973 Chapman, M A; Green, J D Copepod production in some northern lakes
1975 Chapman, V. J. Mangrove and saltmarsh
1976 Chapman, V. J. Mangroves and salt marshes of the Kaipara Harbour: a study with proposals for preservation of areas supporting the harbour ecosystem
1908 Cheeseman, T F Notice of the occurrence of the lesser frigate-bird (Fregata ariel) in the North Auckland district.
1998 Chetham, J Kaitiakitanga and the Resource Manangement Act: Tangata Whenua, Participation, and Morality
2000 Chisnall, B.L. Enhancement of Maori customary eel fisheries in Lake Taharoa and Harihari by transfer of juveniles
1982 Clark, C.; DSIR New Zealand Geological Survey, Paleoenvironmental analysis of Early Miocene (Po/Pl boundary) foraminifera of north Westland and north-west Nelson
2002 Clark, M R; Taylor, P R; Anderson, O F; O'Driscoll, R L Descriptive analysis of catch and effort data from New Zealand orange roughy fisheries in ORH 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, and 7B to the end of the 2000–01 fishing year.
1999 Clark, M. R. Orange roughy fisheries off northern New Zealand: a summary of commercial catch and effort information in the ORH 1 QMA from the 1980-81 to 1997-98 fishing years
2001 Clark, M. R. A description of the orange roughy fishery in northern North Island waters (ORH 1) for 1997–98 to 1999–2000: an update of commercial catch and effort information
2003 Clark, M.R.; Anderson, O.F.; Dunn, M.R. Descriptive analysis of catch and effort data from New Zealand orange roughy fisheries in ORH 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, and 7B to the end of the 2001–02 fishing year
1948 Clark, R. H. The evolution of drainage of the area between the south Kaipara and Waitemata Harbours
1980 Clout, M N; Hay, J R Importance of birds as browsers, pollinators and seed dispersers in New Zealand forests.
1963 CM Sheffield Men came voyaging: A history of Helensville and the Southern Kaipara, Auckland.
1995 CM Sheffield Men came voyaging: A history of Helensville and the Southern Kaipara, Auckland. 3rd Edition.
2005 Coburn, R.P.; Beentjes, M.P. Abundance estimates for FLA 1 from standardised catch per unit effort analysis of the set net fisheries, 1989–90 to 2003–04
1908 Cockayne, L. Report on a botanical survey of the Waipoua Kauri Forest
1909 Cockayne, L. Department of LAnds: Report on the sand dunes of New Zealand: the geology and botany with their economic bearing.
1911 Cockayne, L. Department of Lands. Report on the dune areas of New Zealand: the geology and botany, with their economic bearing.
1911 Cockayne, L. Waipoua Kauri Forest: one of the last homes of New Zealand's greatest timber-tree
1926 Cockayne, L.; Allan, H H Notes on New Zealand floristic botany, including descriptions of new species (no. 5).
2009 Coleman, D; Zucchetto, D Whangarei District Ecosystem Services Background Report. Sustainable Futures 30/50 Whangarei District.
1888 Colenso, W On new phaenogamic plants of New Zealand.
1976 Colman, J A Geographical variation in fin ray numbers in the New Zealand sand flounder Rhombosolea plebeia (Richardson).
2001 Conning, Linda Northland Protection Strategy. A Report to the Nature Hertiage Fund Committee. Published by the Nature Heritage Fund
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found