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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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1971 Connor, H E Cortaderia splendens Connor sp. nov. (Gramineae).
1976 Cox, G. J. A note on tree climbing by the crab Helice crassa in mangrove swamps
1975 Cranfield, H J Bluff oysters.
1993 Crengle, D Taking into account the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi: Ideas for the implementation of Section 8, Resource Management Act 1991. Wellington: Ministry for the Environment.
1975 Crockett, D E; Kearns, M P Northern little blue penguin mortality in Northland.
1995 Cromarty, P. A directory of wetlands in New Zealand
2003 Cross, L ; Chapman, L Climate Change: Environment Bay of Plenty and Coastal Hazards: Issues, Barriers and Solutions. Prepared for the NZ Climate Change Office.
1994 Crown Forestry Rentral Trust, CFRT Index of Waitangi Tribunal Reports. Draft # 1. December 1994.
1957 Cunningham, B T The coastal dune lakes.
1970 Curtin, L. An experiment to determine the suitability of concrete slab spat collectors for rock oyster cultivation on the hard limestone foreshore at Kaipara Harbour
1971 Curtin, L. Marine Department rock oyster spat catching programme 1969-70
1973 Curtin, L. Rocky oyster spat collecting program 1971-72.
1985 Curtin, L. Natural spatfall experiments in Kaipara
1984 Curtin, L.; Dinamani, P. Oyster spat sources studied
1971 Curtin, L.; New Zealand Marine Department, Marine Department rock oyster spat catching programme 1970-71
1934 Cutten, E L The sand dunes of the Dargaville coast.
1992 Cutting, M; Cocklin, Chris Planning for Forest Conservation in the Auckland Region, New Zealand.
1963 D Butler This valley in the hills: the story of Maungaturoto, Brynderwyn, Bickerstaffe, Batley, Marohemo, Whakapirau.
1990 D G Veart North Head: the development of a fort
1954 D J Horn The Northern Wairoa: its development by Europeans 1840-1950. Unpublished M.A. Thesis (History), University of Otago.
D K Rowe Fishery value of small streams and rivers in the Auckland Area.
D K Rowe; E Graynoth Fish in New Zealand Lakes. A lake managers handbook View pdf
D R Morgan; E Graynoth The Influence of Forestry Practices on the Ecology of Freshwater Fish in New Zealand. An Introduction to the Literature.
1974 D R Simmons A lintel from South Kaipara Head
2006 D Wilson; S Fargher; K Hanna Opportunities for sustainable economic development in the Kaipara region. Final Draft.
2002 D.J. Scott Associates Limited,; Innes Strategy, Barry Kaye Associates Ltd, Reserve management plan, Taharoa Domain / prepared for Kaipara District Council
2009 DairyNZ, Dairy Industry Position Paper on Lake Rotorua. DairyNZ, Federated Farmers, Fonterra and Farmers in the Lake Rotorua Catchment. 3 June 2009.
2018 Danielle Johnson The Social Dimensions of Climate Change View pdf
1949 Davenport, J. Sea birds cast ashore at Muriwai
2004 Davie, T J A; Fenemor, A; Kilvington, M; Cole, A; Gillespie, P Ridgetops to the sea: developing sustainable management tools in New Zealand's Integrated Catchment Management project.
1999 Davies, N. M.; Gilbert, D. J.; McKenzie, J. R. Assessment of the SNA 1 and SNA 8 stocks for the 1998-99 fishing year
2003 Davies, N.M.; Hartill, B.; Walsh, C. A review of methods used to estimate snapper catch-at-age and growth in SNA 1 and SNA 8
2001 Davies, N.M.; McKenzie, J.R. Assessment of the SNA 8 stock for the 1999–2000 fishing year
2006 Davies, N.M.; McKenzie, J.R.; Gilbert, D.J. Assessment of the SNA 8 stock for the 2003–0400 fishing year
2002 Davis, A. Otamatea Ecological District: Ecological character, threats and management needs. Final Report. Draft Two. June 2002. Aristos Consultants. 125pp. View pdf
2002 Davis, A. Kaipara Ecological District Ecological Survey. Draft 2. June 2002. Report prepared for Auckland Regional Council.
1968 Davis, E M Helensville lakes.
1985 Dawson, G. B.; DSIR Geophysics Division. Wellington, Ground temperature surveys at Parakai thermal area, Helensville (1956)
2001 Dawson, S.; Pichler, F.; Slooten, E.; Russell, K.; Baker, C.S. The North Island Hector’s Dolphin is vulnerable to extinction
2005 de Winton, M; Taumoepeau, A; Matheson, F Submerged vegetation of Lake Ototoa. NIWA Client Report No. HAM2005-140 to Auckland Regional Council. Project ARC06201.
1974 de Zylva, E.R.A. Trolling for albacore (Thunnus alalunga Bonnaterre) off the west coast of Auckland
2008 Deans, N; Hackwell, K Dairying and Declining Water Quality. Why has the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord not delivered cleaner streams?
1980 Dent, D. Acid sulphate soils ; Morphology and prediction
1989 Dentener, P. R.; Edwards, J. Sminthurus viridis (L.), lucerne flea (Collembola: Sminthuridae)
2010 Department of Conservation New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010, December 2010 View pdf
Department of Conservation, New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement
Department of Conservation, Land acquisition fund application: Lake Kareta, South Kaipara Harbour. Auckland, NZ Department of Conservation, AUckland Conservancy.
Department of Conservation, Auckland Conservancy. Conservation Management Strategy (1995-2005)
Department of Conservation, Northland Kauri National Park Proposal - Public Discussion Paper.
Department of Conservation, Historic resource strategy for Northland Conservancy, Whangarei, New Zealand.
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found