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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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1999 Hume, T.M.
1999 Hume, T.M.
1999 Green, M.
1999 Hume, T.M.
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2001 Durie, M.H. Mauri Ora: The dynamics of Maori health.
1971 Connor, H E Cortaderia splendens Connor sp. nov. (Gramineae).
1964 Forde, M B Haloragis erecta a species complex in evolution.
1989 Dentener, P. R.; Edwards, J. Sminthurus viridis (L.), lucerne flea (Collembola: Sminthuridae)
1971 Zotov, V D Zoysia Willd. (Gramineae) in New Zealand
2005 Rodney District Council, 2005 Assessment of Water and Sanitary Services. As Required Under the Local Government Act 2002.
2007 Farrell-Green, Simon Walsh Frances 2027
2001 Bec Stanley A bibliography of plant lists and vegetation surveys for the Auckland conservancy by Ecological District
1976 Heath, R. A. A broad classification of New Zealand coastal inlets with particular emphasis on their residence times
1959 Lillie, A R A century of geological research in the Auckland province.
1996 Bradford, E A comparison of the 1993-94 diary and boatramp surveys of recreational fishing in the Ministry of Fisheries North region.
1987 M C Farnsworth A consideration of the erosion processes of three selected areas of the Pouto Peninsula. Unpublished report.
2007 Hume, T M; Snelder, T; Weatherhead, M; Liefting, R A controlling factor approach to estuary classification
2006 Kroos, T A cultural health index for Reservoir Creek. A report prepared by Tasman District Council with assistance from Sustainable Managemnet Fund.
2003 Tipa, G; Teirney, L A Cultural Health Index for Streams and Waterways. Indicators for recognising and expressing Māori values. Report prepared for the Ministry for the Environment.
2006a Tipa, G; Tierney, L A cultural health index for streams and waterways: a tool for nationwide use.
2001 L J Paul; B M Sanders A description of the commercial fishery for school shark, Galeorhinus galeus in New Zealand, 1945 to 1999. New Zealand Fisheries Assessment Report 2001/32.
2001 Clark, M. R. A description of the orange roughy fishery in northern North Island waters (ORH 1) for 1997–98 to 1999–2000: an update of commercial catch and effort information
2005 Gibbs, M; Hatton, S; Gillespie, P; Forrest, B A desktop assessment of potential and cumulative effects on the plankton, benthos, and water column of the proposed Aquaculture Management Areas in the south Kaipara Harbour. Cawthron Report No. 980.
1995 Cromarty, P. A directory of wetlands in New Zealand
1997 E Cameron; B Hayward; G Murdock A Field Guide to Auckland. Exploring the Region's Natural and Historic Heritage.
2001 Hawkins, Stuart A fish bone sample from Mangawhai sandspit and inferred prehistoric fishing practices
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, A Forestry Sector Study. April 2009.
2009 McDonald, G; Forgie, V; Zhang, Y; Andrew, R; Smith, N A Genuine Progress Indicator for the Auckland Region. Prepared for Auckland Regional Council.
1988 T M Hume; C E Herdendorf A geomorphic classification of estuaries and its application to coastal resource management - A New Zealand example.
1968 Sibson, R. B. A good summer for Terek Sandpipers
2007c Ministry for the Environment, A Guide to the Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill: Factsheet 13
1953 C S West A history of Helensville and Kaipara.
1842 W R Wade A journey in the northern island of New Zealand, interspersed with various information relative to the country and people.
1927 Marshall, P A Kaipara ammonite.
1974 D R Simmons A lintel from South Kaipara Head
1949 Auckland Botanical Society, A local flora.
1981 Beever, J. A map of the pre-European vegetation of Lower Northland, New Zealand
1987 K E Parnell A Monitoring Programme to Determine the Nature and Causes of Shoreline Change West of Pouto Point, Pouto Peninsula. Unpublished manuscript.
1964 Richardson, L. R.; Dell, R. K. A new crab of the genus Trichopeltarion from New Zealand
1986 Penlington, B. A new fish parasite in NZ
1948 Laws, C R A new fossil Cirripede from teh New Zealand Miocene beds.
1958 Fleming, C A A new species of Sigapatella (Gastropoda) from Cape Maria van Diemen, Northland, New Zealand
Cabinet Policy Committee, A New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Key Messages and Strategic Issues
1976 Cox, G. J. A note on tree climbing by the crab Helice crassa in mangrove swamps
Paora (Paul) Tuhaere, A paper giving an account of the genealogy of the ancestors of Ngati-whatua. Translated by George Graham. Translated from the original in the Grey Collection.
2003 Carnachan, Hamish A paradise conspiracy?
1944 Fleming, C A A petrel on the North Island mainland.
1954 R N Brothers A physiogrphical study of recent sand dunes on the Auckland west coast.
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found