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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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2007 Environs Holdings Ltd, Te Uri o Hau effects Assessment Report of a Proposal by CREST Energy Ltd to Construct and Operate a Tidal Powerstation in the Kaipara Harbour.
2009 Environs Holdings Ltd, Cultural Effects Assessment Report: Manchurian Wild Rice in the Northern Kaipara
1975 Esler, A. E. Vegetation of the sand country bordering the Waitakere Range, Auckland, Piha Beach
1975 Esler, A.E. Botanical features of Punahaere creek, Kaipara
2004 EVA; DSL; KML Rodney District Council Environmental Catchment Monitoring Strategy. Report prepared for Rodney District Council by EnviroVentures Ltd., Diffuse Sources Ltd., and Kingett Mitchell Ltd.
1981 Evans, R. B. North Kaipara Cretaceous
1982 Evans, R. B. North Kaipara Cretaceous
1985 Evans, R. B. Geology and paleoecology of Cretaceous rocks in northern Kaipara, New Zealand
F Fahy; P Irving; S John Coastal Resource Inventory. FIrst Order Survey. Auckland Conservancy.
1962 F Grey McLeods of Helensville.
1974 F J Davey Magnetic anomalies off the west coast of Northland, New Zealand.
1864 F von Hochstetter,; A Petermann The geology of New Zealand: in explanation of the geographical and topographical atlas of New Zealand. From the scientific publications of the Novara Expedition. Translated by C.F. Fischer.
1978 Farnsworth, Mark C. Continued afforestation at Pouto Forest Farm Ltd
2002 Farnsworth, Mark C.; LaBonte, Andre W.; LaBonte, Robin R. Report on mangroves: thoughts, comments and observations: the need to manage mangroves
2007 Farrell-Green, Simon Walsh Frances 2027
1993 Feldmann, R. M. Additions to the fossil decapod crustacean fauna of New Zealand
1925 Ferrar, H. T. The geology of the Whangarei-Bay of Islands Subdivision, Kaipara Division
1934 Ferrar, H. T. The Geology of the Dargaville-Rodney Subdivision, Hokianga and Kaipara Divisions
2003 Ferreira, S M., and C C Roberts Distribution and abundance of Maui dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) along the North Island west coast, New Zealand. DOC Science Internal Series 93. 18p. View pdf
1968 Finlay, Robert Wallace An appraisal of man's role in the Arapohue locality, Northern Wairoa
1999 Fiona Small The Socio-economic consequences of Land Loss for Ngati Whatua of Southern Kaipara From 1900. Report Commissioned by Crown Forestry Rental Trust. The Evidence of Fiona Small. Wai 312 and Wai 674. In the Matter of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 And In the Matter of a claim by Ngati Whatua O Kaipara Ki Te Tonga (Wai 312).
1966 Fish, G R An artificially maintained trout population in a Northland lake.
1969 Fish, G R Oxygen content in some New Zealand lakes.
2005 Fisher, P. R review of marine mammal impact assessments in relation to proposed aquaculture in the south Kaipara harbour. Wildlands Consultants, Contract Report No. 1006b.
Fitzsimons, J Sustainable Biofuel Bill 2009: Member’s Bill, Jeanette Fitzsimons MP
2006 Fitzsimons, J. Turn Down the Heat: The Green Party’s Proposals to Address Climate Change in New Zealand
2007 Fitzsimons, J. Climate Change – Kicking the Carbon Habit
2007 Fitzsimons, J. The Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme Framework: Where will it take us?
1944 Fleming, C A A petrel on the North Island mainland.
1950 Fleming, C A The molluscan fauna of the Pahi Greensands, North Auckland.
1958 Fleming, C A A new species of Sigapatella (Gastropoda) from Cape Maria van Diemen, Northland, New Zealand
1994 Fletcher, M Helensville Heritage Study. Produced for the Rodney District Council by Marina Fletcher & Di Stewart & Associates.
1991 Flood, Sharon Ann Coastal resource management and community involvement at Mangawhai, Northland
1992 Flood, Sharon; Cocklin, Chris; Parnell, Kevin Big dig at Mangawhai
1975 Florence Keene Tai Tokerau. By Florence Keene
2006 Fonterra, ; Ministry for the Environment,; Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,; Local Government NZ, The Dairying and Clean Streams Accord: Snapshot of Progress - 2006/2007
2008 Fonterra, ; Ministry for the Environment,; Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,; Local Government NZ, The Dairying and Clean Streams Accord: Snapshot of Progress - 2006/2007
1964 Forde, M B Haloragis erecta a species complex in evolution.
1999 Forer, P; Ming P,; Wild C, Section 2.1. Land Based Resources in the Ngati Whatua Region
1999 Forer, P; Peng Ming,; Chris Wild, Section 2.1 Land Based Resources in the Ngati Whatua Region.
1985 Forester, Lisa Report on proposed Waipoua reserve
1984 Forester, Lisa; Cummings, Dierdre Kaihu Ecological Area
2007 Forrest, B; Elmetri, I; Clark, K Review of the Ecological Effects of Intertidal Oyster Aquaculture. Prepared for Northland Regional Council. Cawthron Institute. 35 p.
2010 Francis, M P. Movement of tagged rig and school shark among QMAs, and implications for stock management boundaries. New Zealand Fisheries Assessment Report 2010/3, January 2010.
2005 Francis, Malcolm P.; Morrison, Mark A.; Leathwick, John; Walsh, Cameron; Middleton, Crispin Predictive models of small fish presence and abundance in northern New Zealand harbours View publication
1968 Franklin, D A (Comp.) Biological flora of New Zealand. 3. Dacrydium cupressinum Lamb. (Podocarpaceae). Rimu.
2002 Fraser Thomas Ltd, Huapai Model Catchment Pre-Feasbility Study and Preliminary Assessment of Environmental Effects.
2004 Froude, V.A., Smith, R. Area-based restrictions in the New Zealand marine environment.
1964 Fuge, D N Mangrove swamps of North Auckland. Unpublished MA Thesis, University of Otago.
1954 G A Eiby A reported earthquake in the North Auckland peninsula during May 1954.
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found