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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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Rodney District Council, Rodney District Proposed District Plan 2000 - Proposed Variation 132 Introduction of a 'West Coast Rural Policy Area'.
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Situation and Outlook for New Zealand Agriculture and Forestry. July 2009. MAF Policy.
Cabinet Policy Committee, A New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Key Messages and Strategic Issues
Rodney District Council, Coastal Management Strategy Review. Adopted 30 June 1999.
S M Ferreira; C C Roberts Distribution and abundance of Maui's dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) along the North Island west coast, New Zealand. DOC Science Internal Series 93
Rodney District Council, Rodney District Council Pest Management Plan. Adopted by the Rodney District Council on 16 April 2008
Rodney District Council, Rodney District Council District Plan Review. Highly Valued Natural Resources and Landscapes. Management Issues Paper.
R J Hurst; M L Stevenson; N W Bagley; L H Griggs; M A Morrison; M P Francis Areas of importance for spawning, pupping or egg-laying and juveniles of New Zealand coastal fish. Final Fisheries Report for Ministry of Fisheries Research Project ENV1999/03 Objective 1.
Marine Department, Annual Report for 1893-94, Appendices to the Journal, House of Representatives (AJHR), H-18
Marine Department, Annual Report for 1939-1940, Appendices to the Journal, House of Representatives (AJHR), H-15
D K Rowe Fishery value of small streams and rivers in the Auckland Area.
Marine Department, Annual Report for 1915-1916, AJHR, H-15
M C Smale; G M J Hall; R O Gardner Monitoring condition of sand dune kanuka forest at Woodhill. Science for Conservation: 26
Marine Department, Annual Report for 1931-1932, AJHR, H-15
Marine Department, Annual Reports, Annual Journals of the House of Representatives, 1932-1972.
Hartill, B.; Walsh, C. Characterisation of the kahawai fisheries of New Zealand and review of biological knowledge
Auckland Regional Authority, Report on a coastal resource area: Kaipara South Peninsula.
Auckland Regional Authority. Planning Division, Draft report on a recreation resource area: south Kaipara peninsula.
Auckland Regional Council, Auckland Regional Plan: sediment control.
Hon Dr Nick Smith, Press Release: New Zealand Government: ETS agreement enables progress on climate change. Hon Dr Nick Smith, Minister for Climate Change Issues View publication
Jackson, J. Results of drogue tests in Kaipara Harbour
Andrea Julian; Alison Davis; Mark Bellingham The Assessment of Highly Valued Vegetation and Habitats in the Rodney District. Part I: Methodology and Results Summary for Rodney, Waitakere and Tamaki Ecological Districts.
Johnson, P; Rogers, G Ephemeral wetlands and their turfs in New Zealand.
Auckland Regional Council, Regional Pest Management Strategy View publication
K M Peters Preliminary report on teh site survey of teh Pouto Peninsula. Unpublished report.
Kaipara District Council, Chapter 15A Maori Purposes. Proposed Kaipara District Plan October 2009.
Schwarz, A-M; Morrison, M A; Hawes, I; Halliday, J Physical and biological characteristics of a rare marine habitat: subtidal seagrass beds of offshore islands. View pdf
Hilton, M; Macauley, U; Henderson, R Inventory of New Zealand's active dunelands
Auckland Regional Council, Auckland Regional Growth Strategy. 2050.
Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Council, Hydrology Annual 2-12. 1955-1964
Hitchmough, R; Bull, L; Cromarty, P New Zealand Threat Classification System Lists 2005
Ministry for the Environment, Coastal Hazards and Climate Change. A Guidance Manual for Local Government in New Zealand. 2nd edition. Revised by Ramsay, D, and Bell, R. (NIWA). Prepared for Ministry for the Environment.
F Fahy; P Irving; S John Coastal Resource Inventory. FIrst Order Survey. Auckland Conservancy.
Ministry for the Environment, Environment New Zealand 2007.
Ministerial Review Panel, Pākia ki uta pākia ki tai Summary Report of the Ministerial Review Panel. Ministerial Review of the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004.
Northland Catchment Commission, Soil conservation survey of the northern Kaipara Harbour and Mangahwai Estuary Catchments.
New Zealand Marine Department, Report on Fisheries. Annual Reports for the years 1929-1941 inclusive.
McKenzie, J R; Vaughan, M CPUE analysis and characterisation of grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) setnet fisheries in Fishstock GMU 1 between 1989 and 2006. New Zealand Fisheries Assessment Report 2008/57
Morrison, B Co-management: case studies involving local authorities and maori.
Ministry of Fisheries, Changing course - Towards fisheries 2010
Ministry of Fisheries, Statement of Intent. For the period 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2015. Presented to the House of Representatives pursuant to section 39 of the Public Finance Act 1989.
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, A Forestry Sector Study. April 2009.
Ministry for the Environment, Preparing for climate change: A guide for local government in New Zealand
Ministry for the Environment, Environment 2010 Strategy
Ministry of Works, National Resources Survey Part 1: Northland Region.
Fitzsimons, J Sustainable Biofuel Bill 2009: Member’s Bill, Jeanette Fitzsimons MP
McCaskill, L W Scenic reserves of North Auckland: book one: north of Whangarei and Dargaville. Compiled from reports prepared by LW McCaskill.
Marine Department, Annual Report for 1914-1915, Appendices to the Journal, House of Representatives (AJHR), H-15
Department of Conservation, New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement
Department of Conservation, Land acquisition fund application: Lake Kareta, South Kaipara Harbour. Auckland, NZ Department of Conservation, AUckland Conservancy.
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found