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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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2008 Bellingham, M; Davis, A Stock Grazing Impacts on Estuarine Vegetation in the Southern Kaipara Harbour. Report Prepared for Auckland Regional Council By Aristos Consultants Ltd.
1976 Bellingham, R.M.; Houba, A.M. Report of site survey: Brynderwyn hills, Northland
1969 Bellwood, P. Pa excavations at O Takanini, South Kaipara and Lake Mangakaware, Waikato
2003 Benson, A.; Hume, T.; Smith, Q.; Bell, R. G.; Fenwick, J. Seabed sands to feed a growing region (paper no. 11)
1987 Benson, Peter G. General biology of P.orientalis and potential impact on Kaipara harbour
1975 Best, Simon Archaeological site surveys: site recording in the southern half of the South Kaipara peninsula
2005 Bibby, R. L.; Webster-Brown, J. G. Characterisation of urban catchment suspended particulate matter (Auckland region, New Zealand); a comparison with non-urban SPM
2006 Bibby, Rebecca L.; Webster-Brown, Jenny G. Trace metal adsorption onto urban stream suspended particulate matter (Auckland region, New Zealand)
1975 Bieleski, R L Kauri Forest.
1977 Billing, A.E. The first occurrence of the yellow-billed spoonbill Platalea flavipes in New Zealand
1998 Bioresearches Ltd, Assessment of the effects of the Helensville treated sewage effluent discharge. Report prepared by Bioresearches for Rodney District Council.
1996 Bishop, Craig Douglas Seed-bank and vegetation dynamics of coastal, kanuka (Kunzea ericoides) forest on Holocene dunes of the south Kaipara Peninsula
1998 Black, K.P.; Oldman, J.W.; Bell, R.G.; Gorman, R.; Hume, T.M. Mangawha - Pakiri Sand Study. Module 5 : Technical report numerical modelling
2003 Blackhurst, M; Day, M ; Warren, T ; Ericksen, N; Crawford, J; Chapman, S Iwi interests and the RMA: An evaluation of Iwi and Hapu participation in the resource consents processes of six district councils.
2010 Blackwell, R G., and Francis, M. P. Review of the life history and fishery characteristics of New Zealand rig and school shark. New Zealand Fisheries Report 2010/2, January 2010. View pdf
2006 Blackwell, R. G.; Manning, M. J.; Gilbert, D. J.; Baird, S. J. Standardised CPUE analysis of the target rig (Mustelus lenticulatus) setnet fishery in northern New Zealand (SPO 1 and 8) View publication
1982 Blank,R.H. ; Bell,D.S. ; Page,C.R. ; Olson,M.H. Cricket damage on the Kaipara clay flats Ruawai in 1982
1997 Bond, W The Land With All Woods And Water. Rangahaua Whanui National Theme U. Rangahaua Whanui Series.
2005 Booth, A Natural areas of Whangaruru Ecological District. Reconnaissance Survey Report for the Protected Natural Areas Program. Department of Conservation, Whangarei, New Zealand Protected Natural Areas Program Series. 460p.
1995 Booth, Charles A test to determine the response of Pinus radiata to the application of nitrogen
1997 Booz, Allen & Hamilton (NZ) Ltd, Tourism benefits from sealing unsealed roads: survey of users of Waipoua Forest road
2000 Borrini-Feyerabend, G Co-management of Natural Resources: Organising, Negotiating and Learning by Doing. IUCN, Yaounde, Cameroon.
1969 Borrows, J. L. Albertland; the last organised British settlement in New Zealand: an account of brave endeavor, disappointment, and achievement, North of Auckland on the shores of Kaipara Harbour
2004 Boswijk, Gretel Tree-ring analysis of a buried kauri (Agathis australis) tree from Tikinui, north Kaipara Peninsula, Northland
1999 Bowden, D. T. Kaipara catchment water resources study
1996 Bradford, E A comparison of the 1993-94 diary and boatramp surveys of recreational fishing in the Ministry of Fisheries North region.
1998 Bradford, E; Fisher, D; Bell, J National marine recreational fishing survey 1996: overview of catch and effort results.
1973 Bradley, E. K. The great Northern Wairoa
1982 Bradley, E. K. The great Northern Wairoa
1994 Brand, Craig The morphodynamics of the Mangawhai tidal inlet system
1983 Brockbank, A. S. Kaipara Harbour sedimentation and shoreline environments
1975 Brockie, R E Distribution and abundance of the hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) L. in New Zealand, 1869-1973.
1996 Brook, F. Classification of the Ecological Districts of Norhtland. Unpublished report. Department of Conservation, Northland Conservancy.
1983 Brook, F.J. Lower Miocene geology of the northern and central Kaipara Harbour
1948 Brothers, R. N. The geology of the northwest portion of Waitemata County, Auckland
1954 Brothers, R. N. The relative Pleistocene chronology of the south Kaipara district New Zealand
1974 Brown, B. Common sandpiper in the Kaipara Harbour
1975 Brown, B. Sight record of a dunlin in New Zealand
1978 Brunton, P M Toheroa predation by Black-Backed Gulls on Dargaville Beach, North Auckland, New Zealand
2009 Buckland, M Draft Landscape Analysis of Rural Rodney. Rodney District Council Rural Strategy. March 2009.
1975 Bull, P C; Porter, R E R Distribution and numbers of the rook (Corvus frugilegus L.) in the North Island of New Zealand.
1998 Bull, Vivienne H. Mangawhai sand extraction: assessment of environmental factors: to support application for variation of a coastal permit by Sea Tow Ltd
1985? Burns, Lynda Northland Forest Park: a recreational strategy [draft]
1985 Burns, Lynda Recreational planning, Northland Forest Park: contract report
2002 Burns, N M\; Bryers, G; Bowman, E Protocol for monitoring trophic levels of New Zealand lakes and reservoirs. Ministry of Environment, Wellington.
1986 Byrne, T. B. The riddle of the Kaipara: some notes to mark the 150th anniversary of the first European vessel to enter Kaipara Harbour
2002 Byrne, T. B. The unknown Kaipara: five aspects of its history 1250-1875
1959 C A Fleming Lexique Stratigraphique International. Volume VI. Oceanie. Fascicule 4. New Zealand.
1992 C C Tanner A review of cattle grazing effects on lake margin vegetation with observations from dune lakes in Northland, New Zealand.
1902 C E Fox The volcanic beds of the Waitemata Series.
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found