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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found
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2002 Auckland Regional Council, Auckland water resource quantity statement 2002. Auckland Regional Technical Publication TP171
2005 Auckland Regional Council, Summary of the ecological health of Auckland streams based on State of the Environment monitoring 2000-2004. Technical Publication 304.
2007 Auckland Regional Council, River Water Quality. State and Trends in the Auckland Region. TP336.
2007b Auckland Regional Council, State of the Environment Monitoring: Auckland water quantity statement June 2005-May 2006. Technical Publication 323.
2007c Auckland Regional Council, State of the Environment Monitoring: Lake Water Quality Data Report2005-2006. Technical Publication 328.
2009 Auckland Regional Council, Off Road Motorised Recreation in the Auckland Region. Impacts Paper. Prepared by the Auckland Regional Council.
2010 Auckland Regional Council, State of the Auckland Region 2009 View publication
2006 Auckland Regional Council,; M Gibbs Lake Ototoa: a limnological assessment of recent conditions and trends. Prepared for the Auckland Regional Council by NIWA. NIWA Client Report: HAM2006-085. June 2006.
2007 Auckland Regional Growth Forum, Auckland Sustainability Framework. An agenda for the future.
1983 Auckland Regional Water Board, Auckland Regional Water Board Report No.4: Existing uses to take surface water, Kaipara River Catchment, July 1983.
1984 Auckland Regional Water Board, Kaipara River freshwater resource report and interim management plan
1989 Auckland Regional Water Board, Kaipara River flood management plan
2007 AucklandPlus, Bringing the World to Auckland. The case for investment in Auckland's visitor economy. View pdf
2008 Ausseil, A-G; Gerbeaux, P; Chadderton, W L; Stephens, T; Brown, D ; Leathwick, J R Wetland ecosystems of national importance for biodiversity: criteria, methods and candidate list of nationally important inland wetlands. Discussion Document. Landcare Research Contract Report: LC0708/158.
2003 Ayers, D. Standardised CPUE analysis for the northern gemfish (Rexea solandri) fisheries in SKI 1 and SKI 2, 1989–2002
1975 Ayling, A M Rocky shores of harbours
1984 B Ayres; G Campbell; M Cutting; M Hilton; N Mitchell; D Slaven Rodney Ecological District. Protected Natural Areas Survey 1983-84
1976 B Bacquie; NZ Historic Places Trust Archaeological site recording in the O Takanini Topu of the South Kaipara peninsula.
2002 B Clarkson Assessment of Wetland Significance in the Rodney District. Prepared by Landcare Research for Rodney District Council
1999 B Hay; AquaBio Consultants, Section 2.2. Marine based resources in the Ngati Whatua Region.
1978 B J Hicks Fish Stocks and Fisheries of the Kaihu River, Northland.
2002 B Robertson; P Gillispie; R Asher; S Frisk; N Kelley; G Hopkins; S Thompson; B Tuckey Estuarine environmental assessment and moitoring: a national protocol. Part B. Development of the monitoring protocol for New Zealand estuaries. Appendices to the Introduction, Rationale and Methodology. Prepared for Supporting Councils and the Ministry for the Environment Sustainable Management Fund Contract No. 5096
1996 B Stirling The Lands of Te Uri O Hau O Te Wahapu O Kaipara. Volume One - The Nineteenth Century. The Evidence of Bruce Stirling.
1996 B Stirling The Lands of Te Uri O Hau O Te Wahapu O Kaipara. Volume Two - Pouto Lands: Control and Alienation in the Twentieth Century.
1953 B T Cunningham; N T Moar; A W Torrie; P J Parr A survey of the western coastal dune lakes of the North Island, New Zealand
1976 Bacon, Marjorie Ruth Report on a coastal resource area: Kaipara South Peninsula
1970 Bagnall, D C Mount Auckland.
2012 Baird, S J., Wood, B., MacDiarmid, A., and D. Thompson. Threats to New Zealand marine environment. Prepared for Department of Conservation. NIWA Client Report WLG2012-16. 19pp. View pdf
1975 Ballance, P. F.; McCarthy, J. A. Geology of Okahukura Peninsula, Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand
1977 Bardsley, Elaine The natural history of Kaipara Harbour: a bibliography
1991 Barlow, C Tikanga Whakaaro: Key concepts in Maori culture.
1888 Barlow, P. W. Kaipara, or, Experiences of a settler in north New Zealand
1957 Barron, R. H. The geology of the Bream Tail-Central Kaipara region
1983 Bartrom, A. Mussel spat settlement studied
1983 Bartrom, A. No spatfall this season
1970 Bascand, L D The roles of Spartina species in New Zealand.
1983 Bates, B. D. A preliminary investigation into the fresh water resources of the Kaipara South Peninsula
1971 Batton, C S Some aspects of the energetics of Gobiomorphus sp. from Lake Rototoa.
1985 Beachman, John Mitimiti walkway development prescription: Warawara forest, Northland Forest Park
2008 Beaumont, J., Oliver, M., and MacDiarmid, A/ Mapping the values of New Zealand's coastal waters. 1. Environmental Values. Biosecurity New Zealand technical paper no: 2008/16 View pdf
2009 Beaumount, J., D'Archino, R., and MacDiarmid, A. Mapping the values of New Zealand's coastal waters. 4. A meta-analysis of environmental values. View pdf
2001 Bec Stanley A bibliography of plant lists and vegetation surveys for the Auckland conservancy by Ecological District
2009 Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd (Beca), Proposed Kaipara District Plan: Section 32 Evaluation Summary Report. Prepared for Kaipara District Council.
1986 Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner, South Head, Kaipara Harbour Prawn Farm Development: environmental impact assessment
1981 Beever, J. A map of the pre-European vegetation of Lower Northland, New Zealand
1986 Beever, R E A plant list for Pukekaroro Scenic Reserve, Kaiwaka, North Auckland.
1975 Bell, B D Field investigation committee.
1974 Bell, B. Auckland Thermal No.1.: birdlife preliminary report: letter to N.Z. Electricity Department, 24 December 1974
1997 Bell, R.G.; Hume, T.M.; Hill, A.F.; Black, K.P.; Lange, W.P. de; You, Z.J.; Greilach, P.R.; Turnbull, J.F.; Hatton, D.N. Mangawhai - Pakiri sand study. Module 4 : Technical report oceanography and sediment processes
2008 Bellingham, M Does District Planning under the Resource Management Act 1991 Protect Biodiversity?
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1318 ngā whakaputanga publications found